Demarest NJ

The bedroom window treatment has two window treatment layers, the stationary curtains /valance, and honeycomb. The stationary valance during the day time keeps warm, cozy feel during the day. During the night time, the motorized honeycomb shade that installed back of the valance is closed for the room-darkening and the night time privacy. The motorized shades operate Top-Down/Bottom-Up. It is the best option for a bedroom especially.  The window has Hunter Douglas Applause honeycomb shades. It is even more energy efficiency shade. The insulation and noise deduction which is great value for the bedroom. It has 5 operating system, PowerView(Motorization), Literise, Ultraglde, Easyrise, vertiglide, Top-down/bottom-up, Duolite etc. Motorized system, so called PowerView is the best option for the bedroom especially. With PowerView system, the homeowner move the shades according to schedules she set-day or night, whether you’re home or away.  For more details: Hunter Douglas PowerView

Layering window treatments is the best option for the bedroom. However, when layering curtains with blinds or shades, the key is to have enough contrast so the two layers don’t crash.  For the base layer, choose from between hard window treatments like the blinds, the shades and soft window treatments like curtains, valances, Roman Shades.   Stationary curtains, valances, side panels add depth, dimension and a touch of drama to any room.


패브릭 발란스와 헌터 더글라스 자동 허니콤이 설치된 Guest room이다. 사진속의Valance는 Roman Shade 처럼 보이지만, 실제적으로 작동이 되지 않는 stationary, 로 패브릭이 열고 닫게 되어 있는 로만 쉐이드 보다 적게 드는 장점이 있다.  롤러 쉐이드는 발란스의 뒤에 감춰져 설치 되어 낮에는 발란스만 보여 방이 아늑하고 세련되 보이고, 밤에 room darkening이 필요할 때만 블라인드를 열어 사용 할 수 있어, 실용적이고, 보기 좋다.