SoJo Spa Club, , a new spa resort and hotel, recently opened in Edgewater, New Jersey. This 240,000 square foot space is a one of kind resort occupying 7 stories.

SoJo Spa Club / 5FL Men’s bath

Hunter Douglas Palm Beach Polysatin Shutter Installed by Curtain Deco Studio.

The Shutter has four doors, and they can be open to remove the humidity in the  Sauna. The divider bar is installed at 8-feet from the floor so that the upper louver is open to look more spacey and the down louver is closed for privacy. 

This picture shows the men’s bath room that needs blinds with privacy. Since the big window is facing to the town house complexes across the street, the room needs privacy especially in the evening.

The basic blinds are not suitable for he humid bathroom. Specifically, since there is hot tub generating hot steam all the time,  we install a blind, Shutter, which is durable against heat and humidity.

Hunter Douglas has three different types of Shutter. Palm Beach, made of Polysatin, is the most indestructible by high humidity and heat so that it wouldn’t have any warps, cracks, fades, chips, peels or discolors. It also has the nice looks as well for the perfect decoration of the space

Even though shutter has more complex structure and requires more causation installation unlike other blinds, our installation team with Hunter Douglas Shutter Certificate get installation done without any issue in a perfect condition.


Our team is working on installation. Joe, our installation team lead, has vast knowledge and experiences on blind and curtain installation as a professional installer of window covering and treatment. Specifically, He finished the Master Shutter Installation Program from Hunter Douglas and obtained a Shutter Installation Certificate. Thanks to his expertise and excellency, he is able to finish this work with no problems.


SoJo Spa Club / 5Fh Lounge

Hunter Douglas Silhouette with PowerView

We need privacy here too. The lounge is a place that the customers wearing a bathrobe take a rest and drink coffee an tea. This place also faces the town houses so the extra care is needed for the night time.

Silhouette is a perfect choice for a place that needs nice view and privacy .

SoJo Interior Designer choose the blind color that matches well with the color of  furniture and fabric textures in the space. Hunter Dougals’s product has many different options in its product colors. For Sillouette, they have 100 colors and 11 different fabrics. In most cases, the customer picks their colors from sample fabric and hand sample. However,  the limited physical size and color of the sample are not capturing the beauty we can feel from the actual size product, and the furniture, wall and the tone of the whole space have to be well aligned with the product. The subtle but importance differences and tones have to be clearly understood by the interior designer. This designer chose the perfect color of blinds as well










SoJo Spa Club / Hotel sweet room bath

 Hunter Douglas Applause Top-Down/Bottom-Up

As shown in the picture,   this bath room has rarely any privacy facing the town houses.

Hunter Douglas Applause Top-Down/Bottom-Up operating system