Blinds for Lounge,Sauna,Sweet Room, Offices – SoJo Spa Club, Edgewater, NJ

SoJo Spa Club, , a new spa resort and hotel, recently opened in Edgewater, New Jersey. This 240,000 square foot space is a one of kind resort occupying 7 stories. SoJo Spa Club / 5FL Men's bath Hunter Douglas Palm Beach Polysatin Shutter Installed by Curtain Deco Studio. The Shutter has four doors, and they can be open to remove the humidity in the  Sauna. The divider bar is installed at 8-feet from the floor [...]

NJ Curtain – Drapery Toile 뉴저지 커튼 커튼 뉴저지

NJ 도심에서 벗어난 골프 리조트 근처에 위치한 Second House로 Vintage한 느낌으로 컨셉을 잡았다. Toile Fabric은 내가 이태리에서 공부할 때 부터 좋아했던 패턴으로, 오늘날  여전히 사랑받고 있는 French Patterned Cotton Fabric이다. This french patterned cotton fabric known as toile de Jouy got its start in 1760 at a textile factory in the village of Jouy-en-Josas, southwest of Paris near Versailles. "Toil" simply means "Cloth" in French, so that toile de Jouy Literally means clothe of [...]